Save Our Heritage

Protecting the Birthplace of the American Revolution,

the cradle of the Environmental Movement,

and the Home of the American Literary Renaissance


The Lincoln Minute Men mustered in the Muster Room on Patriot's Day 2007.
This is possibly the first official muster in the house since the Revolution.

Nancy Nelson, MMNHP Superintendent
in Barrett kitchen
Michael Ryan, volunteer.
His 2007 book has a chapter on Barrett.

Kati Winchell, SOH Projects Director
in the front parlor
The crew from History International channel "Drive Thru History America" "drives thru" Barrett Farm.
Alex Hoar, Lincoln MMan with visitors, Apr 08 Chelmsford Barrett Line, Oct 08
Stow MMen, Apr 08 Sudbury MMen, Apr 08

Acton Cub Scouts at Garden
DAR members from MA, OH, TN, and MS visited the cannon and Barrett Farm (Mar 09) Acton Cub Scouts toured from attic to basement and then harvested veggies (Sep 2011)  

Vernacular arch
DAR members from Lexington, MA, New Hampshire, and Maine (Mar 10) Rick Detwiller, historic architect, gives an overview to the Vernacular architecture group (Oct 2011)

Tour Group
A Sons of the Revolution tour group with Barrett descendant Doug Boyd (3rd from right)
(Stephen (brother), Israel, Samuel, Samuel, Samuel, Theodore, Carol, Doug)

Labor Day Movie
A movie production scene - "Labor Day" with Josh Brolin and Kate Winslow.  July 11, 2012.
Barrett Farm served as a parking spot and "handy house". 

Open House April 2013

Open House 2013
Crowd at 2013 April Open House Reenactors at 2013 April Open House

SOH in Concord Parade

Sudbury Minute Men at Barrett Farm
SOH in Concord Patriot's Day Parade Sudbury Minute Men at Barrett Farm

Sudbury Minute Men arrive at Barrett Farm

September 2013 Open House
Sudbury Minute Men arrive at Barrett Farm September 2013 Open House

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