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 "This Old House" Visits Barrett Farm

This Old House, the long-running TV program about house renovations, visited the Barrett Farm on
July 26, 2011. The crew showed up at 7:30am, filmed all the work currently going on at the house, and departed by mid-afternoon.  The result is a six minute "side-trip" segment that was shown December 15-20.   

This Old House Video
 You can also watch it full screen (icon on right side of control bar)

In Concord, Massachusetts, master carpenter Norm Abram stops in to see the progress on the period restoration of the Colonel James Barrett house, a little known house that played a big role in the American Revolution.

Jim and Norm

Clapboard nailing
Jim Cunningham, Project Manager speaks with  Norm Abram, This Old House (TOH) Master Carpenter. The crew taking a higher angle shot as Jim  explains the clapboard nailing.

Bridget painting

Norm checks sub-floor
Norm then went through the parlor while Bridget paints.... .. and points out the leveling of the floor in the west ell.

Lead paint stripping

Finish carpentry
There was still some lead paint stripping to do.  Note the covered doors, suits, and respirators.  The crew moved up to the parlor chamber to work on the finish carpentry.

Norm and Deborah in attic

Rehearsing window discussion
Norm and Deborah Hood, TOH producer, commenting about the British search of the supplies in the attic. Joe Roy, Norm Abram, Justin McCarthy and crew rehearsing the window discussion.

Window trim profile

Joe at work
Norm, Justin, and TOH Director talking about the window trim profile. The scene starts as Norm enters the room, Joe is hand planing wood for the trim.

In-fill painting

Molly close-up
Maggie describes the in-fill painting on the muster chamber room ceiling beam. Stephen D'Ononfrio shoots a closeup of Molly working on a beam...

Maddy close-up

Future plans
... then a closeup of Maddy.  The in-fill painting continued all day without much disturbance from the video production. The segment finishes with Norm asking Jim about the future plans for the project.

Lunch time

This Old House production crew
About 1:30 we get to eat lunch!! The This Old House production crew. Steve "Dino" D'Onofrio, Director of Photography, Norm Abram, Master Carpenter, Thom Draudt, Director, Deborah Hood, Senior Series Producer, Clifford Nash, Production Coordinator, Jerry McGillicuddy, Gaffer 

Everyone in front of the house

All of us in front of the house.
Bridget Byrne, Keith Adams, Molly Gavin, Maddy Sundberg, Ron Peik, Jerry McGillicuddy,
Dino D'Onofrio, Jason Roy, Justin McCarthy, Maggie Kean, Norm Abram, Joe Roy, Jim Cunningham,
Brian Payne, Rick Detwiller, Jacob Zachry, Thom Draudt, Deborah Hood, Clifford Nash

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