Save Our Heritage

Protecting the Birthplace of the American Revolution,

the cradle of the Environmental Movement,

and the Home of the American Literary Renaissance

Site and House Conditions
Early in the Restoration Project

The Location

The Colonel James Barrett House is about 1.7 miles west of the Old North Bridge.

The Exterior

Summer 2005 - South side September 2006 - South side

September 2006 - North side December 2006 - North side

August 2007 - North Side May 2007 - Woodshed foundation and well

2005 - from the South East April 2007 floods - North side

November 2006 - from the South West November 2006 - between house and barn
The North yard from the East side A tree strangled by vines.

The First Floor

Muster Room Fireplace Parlor fireplace

The front entrance and stairway Muster Room - Fireplace closeup

The West Ell shop The pantry

Kitchen - rear wall with sink The Kitchen fireplace

The Kitchen South East Walls with Stairs. Jan 07

The South and West walls of the kitchen. Jan 07

Kitchen South wall, back of the china cupboard

Kitchen Stairs, covered by the second floor

The Second Floor

Bedroom above West Ell shop Rear West bedroom

Rear stairs between two bedrooms Rear center bedroom

Rear East Bedroom The "bathroom" - rear East room

Front master bedroom The hallway through the rear of the house

The Attic

Chimney with smoke chamber from east side From west side toward chimney

Double stairway  Inside the smoke chamber in the attic

The Basement

East side, under the muster room West side, under the parlor

Basement shelves The rusted oil heater.  Note the water marks.

The New McGrath Property

Michael McGrath's new house
at the rear of the Barrett property.

Front yard of the new McGrath house.

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