Save Our Heritage

Protecting the Birthplace of the American Revolution,

the cradle of the Environmental Movement,

and the Home of the American Literary Renaissance

Restoration Work Progress and Plans


2005 - Cleanup

2006 - Site Work

2006 - Timber Framing

2007 - Timber Framing and North Wall

2008 - Sills, Masonry, and Roof Structure

2009 - Posts, Roof, Ceiling, Cleanup, and Doors

2009 - Site Work - Landscaping and Garden

2010 - Finish Exterior and Begin Interior

2011 - Windows, Clapboards, Plaster and Paint Conservation
2012 - Interior and Site Restoration


Dates Activity
Dec 2003 SOH acquires 3.4 acres behind the house and begins building a replacement house for Barrett house owner.
Aug 2005 SOH acquires the house and 1 acre of land.  Starts work on landscape.
Nov 2005 Staff and volunteers did extensive landscaping in the fall and then worked on the inside over the winter.
Early-mid 2006 Emergency stabilization was done as more detailed plans were being made.
Nov 2006 Repair of the North wall started.
2007 Repair of the North wall continues
early 2008 North wall repair completed
fall 2008 Roof and foundation repair.  Chimney at roof level rebuilt
Feb-Apr 2009 Roof re-shingled, side and front sills and posts repaired
May 2009 Doors installed
June-Aug 2009 Rebuild kitchen floor, prep work for windows
May-Nov 2009 Landscaping of back yard.  Removal of invasive vines.  Add vegetable garden.
July-Jun 2010 Re-install kitchen stairs and interior walls
Jan - Nov 2010 Paint analysis and Lead paint removal
June  - Apr 2011 Install new period windows, re-clapboard house, add east side ell.
Apr - Sep 2011 Conserve original paint and plaster.
Sep - Oct 2011 Conserve plaster and rebuild floor in west ell,
Oct - Dec 2011  Install kitchen walls and install kitchen and muster room floors.  Repair fireplaces.
Jan - Apr 2012 Install muster room, front hall, and kitchen floors and kitchen walls.
Mar - Jul 2012 Repair rear west ell floor structure, rear hallway walls, rear floors
Jul - Nov 2012 Replace site drainage so fields dry out and basement does not flood.  Finish paint work, install doors and hardware, underground electrical wiring.
Aug 31, 2012 Barrett Farm deed transferred to National Park System
Oct 27, 2012 Celebration of transfer to National Park System
Dec 7, 2012 Save Our Heritage turns possession over to National Park System
Longer-Term Plans
Dec 2012+ National Park takes ownership.  Plans landscape and operational workings.  Save Our Heritage and Friends of Minute Man to support development and operations.

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