Save Our Heritage

Protecting the Birthplace of the American Revolution,

the cradle of the Environmental Movement,

and the Home of the American Literary Renaissance

Barrett Farm is now within the boundary of
Minute Man National Historical Park!

Legislation was passed and signed into law on March 30, 2009.  This legislation put Barrett Farm and surrounding properties within the boundary of the MMNHP.  This is a key step on the path of acquisition of Barrett Farm by MMNHP from Save Our Heritage.

The celebration

The Journey:

Sept 2005 - Congressman Marty Meehan announces legislation to incorporate Barrett Farm into MMNHP
2006 July 31- Senate Report Requesting the MMNHP Boundary Study
2007 - The boundary study is submitted by the National Park Service
2008 - House legislation and hearings
2009 March 30 - President Obama signs as Public Law 111-11
 The Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009, Section 7106
2009 April 17 - Formal announcement and celebration at Barrett Farm

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