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Financial Support


Our support for the Barrett Farm Project comes from grants, private donations, and volunteer time.

Our Financial Needs
This project is expected to need about 4 to 6 million dollars to fund all of the aspects of bringing this historic site to the public.

The acquisition of this site has been a complex one.  Save Our Heritage acquired much of the land in 2004 from Patrick McGrath and the house itself from Michael McGrath in 2005.  Some of the Barrett land and much of the surrounding land is still farmed by Patrick, the third generation McGrath to do so since 1905.  SOH built a new house for Michael at the rear of the Barrett property and he moved from the Barrett Farm house into his new house in November 2005. Michael has been a great neighbor helping with various house projects, landscaping, and property knowledge.

Our acquisition costs (the property, the Barrett Farm house, and the new McGrath house) add up to over $2.1M.  Our financing is by a number of private loans, but due to 501c(3) constraints and state tax code, interest must be paid on these loans.

Stabilization and Restoration
Our estimates for the stabilization (to keep the house from falling down) and restoration (to bring it back to the "period of significance" and make it acceptable for public access) is a bit over $1.5M.

On-going Operations
There are two phases to on-going operations: before and after the sought after National Park Service acquisition.  We currently pay for security, utilities, insurance, legal, and other related costs.  There is also a desire by many to endow the Barrett Farm to support on-going maintenance and public access activities.  This can be viewed as one of the "public/private partnerships" commonly referred to and helps in these days of tight budgets for the NPS.  Funding estimates for an on-going endowment is about $1 - 2M.

Other Site Opportunities
Other buildings on the site were the woodshed connected to the east side of the house and the large barn to the west of the house until they collapsed in the 1970s.  These buildings, if reconstructed, could be well used for museum quality displays, education, Minuteman musters, required public facilities, and many other  uses.  SOH believes the Barrett Farm house itself is of such original condition that it should not be abused by inappropriate uses or facilities.  Funding estimates are between $0.5 and 1.5M to rebuild and equip these buildings.  Doing so would greatly increase the value and usefulness of this site.

Our Funding

The Barrett Family Challenge Grant
A descendant of Col. James Barrett generously offered to match up to $50,000 for donations received between July and December 2006.  We met this significant challenge and very much thank the Barrett family and all of our contributors!!

Massachusetts Community Preservation Act ("CPA")
Towns have the opportunity to partner with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to fund qualifying housing, open space, recreation, and historic preservation projects.  Save Our Heritage has received three grants totaling $500,000 for the 2006 - 2010 fiscal years from the Town of Concord and its Community Preservation Committee.  Many thanks to the citizens of the Commonwealth and the Town of Concord!  Another CPA grant is being requested for FY11.

Federal Save America's Treasures Grant ("SAT")
Save Our Heritage received a $220,000 grant from the Department of Interior's Save America's Treasures program in December 2006.  This grant requires matching funds from other sources and can be in the form of cash or equivalent volunteer time.  Thank you to all federal tax payers!

Save Our Heritage has received over $254,000 (January 2011) from individual donations.  These donations are a very important and critical part of our fundraising effort.  Donations may be sent to Save Our Heritage, Inc, 57 Main St., Concord, MA  01742.  Note "Barrett Farm" on your check.  Stock can also be donated, please contact us by phone or email for instructions.

Volunteer time is an important part of our funding.  It helps by both meeting grant requirements for matching donations (financial or volunteer) and by reducing our funding requirements.  Please email Jim @ about volunteering.

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