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Barrett Family Histories

This page links to various Barrett family histories.
As family members send in their stories, they will be posted.  Please share.

Document and Submitted by Summary and significant persons
Hughes Family History
Richard Hughes
(brother Stephen - Benjamin - Amos - Adroniram - Anne - Judson - Richard)
The descendants and migration of brother Stephen.
- Adroniram - reverand and professor
- Helen Barrett Montgomery - women's missions and activist

Diary of Major James Atwater Barrett (James, George, James)

Penny, Patty,  Leslie & Linda Peterson

468 pages.  Diary and letters to and from Concord.

- James Atwater Barrett - civil war hero (Fort Wagner, ...) great grandson.
p.12 "Believe me it is no love for war which urges me on.  Nor am I attracted by that love for adventure which is so strong with many.  I deserve no credit for being willing to go.  It would be a discredit to do otherwise.  Our Country in danger.  It must & shall be sustained.  & I should be unworthy of my Country under whose free institutions I have grown & been prospered.  unworthy of my Ancestry whose untarnished name I bear (a God forbid that I be first to disgrace it) unworthy of the liberty I love & False to my God ..."

Clinton Truman Duffy
(brother Stephen, Benjamin, George, Emma, Eugenia)

Warden of San Quentin prison.
1954 movie - Duffy of San Quentin.

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