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 Barrett Farm Within Boundary of

Minute Man National Historical Park

Ceremonies on April 17, 2009

A tough Rebecca Hubbard Barrett, wife of Col. Barrett confronts the British Regulars at the East side door, the same the British entered in 1775.  This is likely the first time the British have entered since the day the American Revolution started.

Congresswoman Nikki Tsongas presents SOH Executive Director Anna Winter with the section of the bill extending the boundary of the MMNHP to include Barrett Farm.

Congresswoman Nikki Tsongas Speaking on the passage of the legislation.

MMHNP Superintendent Nancy Nelson proudly welcomes Barrett Farm into the Park.  Flanked by the now peaceful Colonials and British Regulars. Town of Concord resident Gary Clayton speaks about the road to park incorporation.  Gary has had much to do with this as a Town Selectmen and Chair of the Community Preservation Committee.

Anna presents Barrett Farm plaques to Senators Kerry and Kennedy staff members for the Senator's support of the boundary legislation Town of Concord Selectman Gregory Howes

Minute Men from both Concord and Lincoln salute the occasion with musket firings. The British regulars demand entry to the house from Mrs. Barrett.

The British regulars searching the house And returning from not finding anything in the attic.  They missed the munitions at the bottom of the feather barrel.

The Tenth Regiment of Foot The British Regulars in the attic.

Rick Detwiller, preservation architect in front of his presentation on the Barrett Farm research Nancy Nelson, Park Superintendent, touring the house

Bill Rose, volunteer, Barbara Delorey, historian, and Neil Rasmussen, SOH president in parlor. Muskets were hidden in freshly plowed fields

British Regular exiting the East Entry Fife and Drum from the Lincoln Minute Men
Video of Ceremonies  

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