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Barrett Visitors

We have reconnected with many Barrett descendants and have had many visits to the house.  Some photographs are below.  The [name- name- ...] denotes the lineage to Col. James Barrett.

John Barrett, 4th great-grandson, with the cannon at MMNHP. Painting is of the Col. Barrett house.

Zachary and Emma in the Barrett Parlor. 7th great-grand nephew and niece of Col Barrett.

Rice Barrett Flanders (James-James-Richard-Richard- Richard-Elizabeth-(Rice)-Alexa-Eva) at graves of Richard Fay Barrett and Cora Belle

Sally (James - Nathan - William - Aaron - Anna - Agnes - Barbara) and Stuart in the Barrett attic.

Parkhurst/Lewis (James-Nathan-Ephraim- Susan- Henry-Francis-Ellen-*)  l-r Harlon, Beth, Jean, Susan, Ellen, Russell, Martha, Marion, Marti, Sumner, Karen, Russell Oct 2008

Lila and Julian (James-James-Richard-Richard-Richard- William-Martha) visit on July 4th.

Bill Godley (James - Nathan - Reuben - Reuben -  Robert - Ethel - Robert) on the East side Shirley Lane, John GIlman, and Beverley Brown in the Barrett farming fields

Herbert Leroy Barrett III and sister Arlene Barrett at house.  July 2009.  (James - Nathan - Simon - Noyes - Franklin - Herbert - Herbert) Joe (James-Stephen-Stephen-Stephen-Charles-Charles- Mary-Patricia (m)) hand drilling beam

Lucy and John Barrett brought daughter Amy, East door, May 2009.  Amy has a son Barrett  (James- Nathan-Reuben-John-John-Clarence-John) Kate (James - Persis - Samuel - Samuel - Silas - George - Hattiebelle - Elizabeth - Peter), Peter, and Cameron at the front door, May 2009

Ed Barrett Jr.,  (cousin Oliver-Oliver-Oliver- Oliver- Edward-Louis-Edward-Edward)  May 2009 Rudd Barrett (James - Nathan - Reuben - John - John - Clarence - John) and family at North Bridge

Judy Brown (James-Nathan-William-Aaron-Lucinda- Anabel-Hulda-Pricilla) Joy and Frank Earle (James-Nathan-Nathan- Nathan-Edwin-Miriam-Miriam-Miriam) Nov 2009

John, Tom, and John in basement.  (James- Nathan- William- Aaron- Anna- Agnes- Agnes) Petersons from Southern California in the basement.
Jan 2010

Michael Barrett Wood (James-James-Hannah-James- James-Richard-Richard) with 6th cousin Kate nailing in new wall sheathing.  July 2010. Jan Lewandrowski and mom Seba (James-James- Hannah-James-Albert-Grace-Samuel).  Dec 2010.

A visit to Connie and Richard Hughes of Glendora, CA (brother Stephen- Benjamin- Amos- Adroniram- Anne- Judson- Richard)  Aug 2011,  And then, a visit to Linda and Leslie Peterson of Monrovia, CA with cousin Penny Peterson (James- James- James&Patty- George& Melicent- James&Jane- Clara- William) with old chair

A visit to Richard Barrett Duddy in Rye, NH, son of Dorothy (Aug 2011) Dorothy (brother Benjamin- Jonas- Amos- Philander- Frederick- Ernest) has done much family genealogy.

And has Amos' Town of Ashby weights and measures Richard's daughter Sarah with son Vaughan.

Leslie Wilson (Concord Library) with Bryan, Taylor, Patty, Hayden, Penny, Becky, and Michael and donated documents from 17-1800s. (James- James- James& Patty- George&Melicent- James&Jane- Clara- William- Penny&Patty- Rebecca Barrett- Hayden&Taylor)  Patty, Mike, and Penny with Concord Museum curator David Wood in front of James Atwater Barrett Civil War Diary including Fort Wagner battle (Aug 2011)

Mitch and Cindy
Mitch and Cindy (Rhodes) Smith (James- Lydia- James- James- Martin- Alford- Merton- Jane) pick vegetables from the Barrett garden with the house in the background.  Then they relax in the backyard. 

Canadian Barretts

Diane and Steve Brice (brother Stephen- Israel- Samuel- Henry- Harry- Mabel- John) from Portland, OR  Sep 11 Frank Barrett and family (brother Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, Joseph, Frank, Clayton, Frank / Ross, Brenda)

Doug Boyd

Doug Boyd (brother Stephen, Israel, Samuel, Samuel, Samuel, Theodore, Carol), Glendora CA April 2012 Jeremy, Lydia, and Stephanie (James-Peter-Prescott-William-George-Clarence-Louise-Kenneth-Stephanie) 

Ellen Raja

Ellen in front of restored muster room fireplace (James-Persis-Rebekah-Persis-Persis-Emory-Ida-Horace-Ellen)  Gabe, Luke, and Rice (James-James-Joseph-Richard-Richard-Richard-Elizabeth-Rice) July 28, 2012  

Eliz with musket and horn

Shirley and David
Rice's sister Elizabeth at family home in Virginia with the Colonel's musket, powder horn, and tankards.   Shirley with gr-nephew David (James-Nathan-William-Aaron-Lucinda-Anabel-Hulda-Pricilla-Beverly-David)  

Mitch and Cindy

Saverio & Carolyn (James-Nathan-Reuben-Eliza-James-Joseph-Augusta-Cornelia-Mildred) July 30, 2012
Front-Caleb, Samuel, Jonathan, Back-Heather-Steven-Cindy-Mitchel (James-Lydia-James-James-Martin-Alford-Merton-Jane-Cindy) July 28, 2012 Saverio & Carolyn (James-Nathan-Reuben-Eliza-James-Joseph-Augusta-Cornelia-Mildred) July 30, 2012

Liz, Rud, and son.  April 14.

Jeremy hangs out in tree.
Liz, Rud, and son in front in kitchen.  April 14, 2012. Jeremy hangs out in tree in back of house.

Barrett family.

Lindsey Lehman
Barbara Perrin (James-Nathan-Simon-Noyes-Franklin-Herbert-Horace) and family.  August 10, 2012. Lindsey (brother Benjamin-Jonas-Mary-Luther-Louise-Ida-LaRue-Ruth-Robert-Deborah)  August 10, 2012.

Edi Sisson (), daughter, and grandson .  April 15, 2012.

Pat, son Joe, and husband Joe.  April 15, 2012.
Edith (James-Persis-Rebekah-Persis-Persis-Emory-Ida-David), daughter Polly, and gson Benjamin.  Apr 15. Pat (James-Stephen-Stephen-Stephen-Charles-Charles- Mary), son Joe, and husband Joe. April 15, 2012.

Gilman Family
Evelyn Barrett Earle (James- Nathan- Nathan- Nathan- Edwin- Miriam- Miriam- Miriam- Frank)
was born 2011 in Boston, MA.
Phoenix, Sophia, and Jonathan Moore (James- Nathan- William- Aaron- Anna- Agnes- Agnes- Judith) Oct 2013 on three-holer from east-ell woodshed

Frank and Jill Koczwara

Sally and Stuart in Front of Silo
 Frank and Jill Koczwara (James- Nathan- Simon -Noyes- Franklin- Herbert- Horace) Sep 18, 2013    Sally and Stuart Barrett in front of Barn Silo foundation.  September 2012  
Arnold Branch 
The Arnold Branch ( James- Persis- Rebekah- Persis- Persis- Emory- Ida-)  Nov 29, 2013
Samuel Potter Branch July 26, 2014
Some Potter branches (James- Persis- Samuel- (Tilly- Devolco- Alonzo- (Adelaide- John) (Samuel- Dorothy)) (Samuel- Silas- George- John- John) July 26, 2014 


Barbara, Laura, Pat, Karen, Joe, Joe.  Barbara, Laura, and Karen (James- Nathan- Ephraim- Theresa- Ephraim- Allston- Allston)  Sept 20, 2014 John and Sheila, Rice and Alexa, Ed, Stu and Sally, Eva and Malcolm, John, Cindy and Mitch, Katelyn, Kristin, and Lenore 


Dado in front of house
 Checking out the three-holer from the old east woodshed  Peggy and Doug Dado (brother Stephen- Benjamin- Alonzo- Anna Maria- Clarinda- Vera- Doris- Doug)

2 Sets at Open House 2015

Deming and Kean
Collin, Johanna, Conner (brother Benjamin- Jonas- Amos- Philander- Frederick- Ernest- Dorothy), Mitchel and Cindy Deming and Kean families

Two Barrett Families

Two New Barretts
Canadian Frank meets Californian cousins.  Aug 2015  Taylor and Hayden revisit, but 4 years older. 

Graeff Family

Mark Judd Barrett
Cameron, Christian, and Conner (Col - James - Milisent - Martha - Meliscent - Avis - Willis - Edward - David) Samantha and Mark ( brother Benj - Benj - Benj - Ezra - Edward - Frank - Raymond - Frank - Peter)

Devon Sanchez-Ossorio

Bill and Carolyn Griffith Oct 2016
Devon, Denise, and Dad (Col - Persis - Samuel - Samuel - Silas - George - Hattiebelle - Elizabeth - William - Denise) Carolyn and Bill (brother Benj - Benj - Benj - Ezra - Edward - Frank - Raymond - Elizabeth)

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