Save Our Heritage

Protecting the Birthplace of the American Revolution,

the cradle of the Environmental Movement,

and the Home of the American Literary Renaissance



Archaeology is a required part of a restoration that meets the Secretary of Interior's standards.  Save Our Heritage has teamed with Dr. David Landon, Associate Director and Dr. Christa Beranek of the Fiske Center for Archaeological Research, UMass, Boston  to do the initial archaeological field work and research in the May 2007 to June 2008 time frame.


Archaeology Report - September 2008 (pdf)

Archaeologist Christa Beranek showing the cobblestone pavement found in front of the house

A geo-archaeologist Christa with volunteer unearthing another front step

Volunteers Cory and Bill Rose with UMass project archaeologist David Landon Complex stone layers next to east side of house

The archaeology group sifting dug out dirt North wall excavation

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