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Protecting the Birthplace of the American Revolution,

the cradle of the Environmental Movement,

and the Home of the American Literary Renaissance

The 300th Birthday


People, places, and events that made up the 300th birthday celebration.


Ranger Leslie Obleschuk and Barrett Farm Project Manager Jim Cunningham in the Muster room. A Lincoln Minute Man and the Minute Man statue.

Rick Detwiller, project historic architect. A minuteman checking the front door panels.

Musket salute at the North Bridge ceremonies. Mike Ryan portraying Col. Barrett at the North Bridge

Jim with volunteers Gwendolyn and Amelia. The archaeology and artifacts display in the parlor.

Amelia at the welcoming tent for orientation, family sign-ins, and T-shirts LizAnn Millar and Karen Ahern also volunteered.

Men and women were all part of the revolution ... ... and had silent signaling.

Rick Detwiller, Tara Watson (played Rebecca), and Steve Humphrey in the newly added east ell. Musket firing on the back lawn.

Park ranger Jim Hollister commanded all the musket ..  ...firings and kept them safe

A large audience watched and some followed the drill. Various lectures filled the tent.  John Bell gave lectures on the cannon, Pitcairn's pistols, and the British view.

Joan Laxson spoke about the Colonel and his family. Ranger Leslie Obleschuk thanked all for their efforts over the years to restore the farm.

The back door on the west side. Top of stairs on the second floor.

The kitchen fireplace and original paneling. Mary Barrett's table.

Austin Chinn in the parlor chamber. The front facade one day before the birthday.

The timber framers installing rafters the night before. "Marbelizing" can be seen on the fireplace trim.

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