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300th Birthday - Family


Many members of the Barrett family met over the three days and had two family dinners.

Les and Linda Peterson Stephanie, David, Max, Sam, Lucy, and John Barrett

John Gilman and reenactor Joe and Pat Ieriardi with Frank Barrett, daughter Patty and husband David Griesemer.

Michael, Joy, and Frank Earle Brad Leavitt, ?, ?, Alexis and Rice Barrett Flanders

Shirley Lane with niece  Sam Barrett

Jim Cunningham showing the family sketches and stories from the Potter genealogy book. The family under the dinner tent.

Lighting the candles on an old house sheathing board. Trying to read the James Jr. will.

The Birthday Cake with the Lossing 1848 house sketch and the James Barrett signature.
Beeswax candles on the old house sheathing board.

The family photo behind the birthday cake.

Huffing and puffing.

A whole bunch of Barretts.


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