Save Our Heritage

Protecting the Birthplace of the American Revolution,

the cradle of the Environmental Movement,

and the Home of the American Literary Renaissance

300th Birthday - Craft Demonstrations

Darlene Wigton played and sang. Fife serenaders.

Dan Lacroix shows his skill in ... ... joinery and planing.

Carrie Midura demonstrated "stay" making to a Barrett descendant. Jake is hand hewing a log, as was done for much of the work on the house.

Gail Hamel and Beverly Malone pretend ... ... to enjoy the British search of the Lincoln MM tent.

Lauren Walker showed off her skills ... ... at weaving

Brian takes his turn at the hand hewing. Dean Rantz demonstrated ....

... the art of the blacksmith Austin Chinn showed how to make musket balls, ...

... how to make cartridges, and his muskets. And, the fifes played on.....

John Vaughan, project paint analyst showed ... .... how to mix paints the old fashioned way.

Mark Nowachi shows leather working. Re-enactors spoke with the visitors throughout the day.

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