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Colonel James Barrett 300th Birthday


and Barrett Family Reunion


2010 July 31 (Saturday) at Barrett Farm


The Barrett Family in front of the house on the Colonel's 300th birthday.  July 31, 2010.


  The Birthday Activity Schedule
Friday The focus was on touring historical spots in Concord
9am - 5pm Concord Free Public Library Special Collections 
- Miliscent's scissors for making cartridges
- genealogy and documents
Walking tours of Concord
  Barrett family cemetery visits
9am - 5pm Concord Museum with special attention to the Barrett collection.  
  Minute Man National Historical Park
- Old North Bridge
- The "Hancock" cannon, hidden at Barrett Farm at the Park headquarters
5 - 8pm Barrett family gathering and BBQ dinner at Barrett Farm.  
Saturday The 300th Birthday of Colonel James Barrett
9:00am Morning salute to Colonel Barrett at his gravesite (Concord Center)
10:00am Concord Museum with focus on Barrett artifacts.  Convenient from  gravesite event.
10:00am North Bridge.  Short talks on Col. Barrett.  Convenient from  gravesite event.
10am-5pm Barrett Farm Open House and 300th Birthday Celebration
  Minute Men and British companies
- Fife and Drum
- camping, cooking, etc
- musket salutes at 11:15, 1:45, and 3:15.
  Historians, authors, specialists - lectures and discussions
- J. L. Bell - Boston 1775 blog
- John Vaughan - Architectural conservation (paint analysis)
- Joan Laxson - Park ranger
- Rick Detwiller - Historic Architect for Barrett Farm
- 11:30am and 2:00pm
- The British search of Barrett Farm and family interaction
  U.S. Congresswoman Nikki Tsongas at 1:45
  Musket and cartridge maker expert Austin Chinn.  Make your own cartridges, just as done in the house before the battle by 8 - 12 persons.
  Family gathering and genealogy - how many cousins do you have?
  Craftsmen demonstrations
- Blacksmiths
- Timber framing - Traditional Framers
- Clothing, weaving, leather working, ball making 
  Archaeology - UMass Boston along with artifacts found on site
Paint Restoration - paint specialists
4:00pm Concord Museum with focus on Barrett artifacts.  Convenient to gravesite event.
5:00pm Evening salute to Colonel Barrett at his gravesite 
6:00pm Dinner and Cake at Barrett Farm - Family and participants.  Seafood and chicken
Sunday Open house at Barrett Farm.  9am-6pm.
Other Informal open house, primarily for family to visit the farm and each other.
  - Where to stay
Photos & Videos

The Open House




      Congressional Visit


Barrett Family

Photos by Jack Boudreau


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