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 2011 - Windows, Clapboards, Plaster, and Paint

Blacksmith working on door latch

Working the latch detail
Carl Close of Hammersmith Studios in Concord working on Barrett door latch.  Jan 2011. Working the latch detail.

Joe fabricating a window cap

Temporary electrical service
Joe fabricating a window cap.
Mark Tiernan upgrading the temporary electrical service.  Also added power to the second floor for temporary shop work

Installing window caps and claps

Jim cleaning window glazing
Brian and Jake installing window caps and claps.
Jim is cleaning the glazing putty for all of the 65 window sashes (527 panes of "old" style glass)

Window sash installed
All of the window sash is now installed in the front of the house (Jan 20).

Rear wall window sash and clapboards installed
All of the clapboard and window sash is now installed in the back of the house (Feb 20).

West Ell clapboarding

Installing bed moulding
Jake finishing up West Ell clapboarding (March)
Joe adding bed moulding to east side window.  Clapboards now being installed on east side and east ell.

West Ell clapboards

North side of the house
West ell clapboards now installed (March 18) North side of house (mid-May)

Installing lath around the windows

Interior plaster wall bulge
Mike installing lath around window (May)
An interior plaster wall bulge needed to be fixed via exterior access.  Clapboards, sheathing, and noggin were in the way.

Interns archiving wallpaper

Conserving plaster
Prof David Dempsey and interns Maddy, Molly, and Maggie (all from Smith College) archiving wallpaper Original plaster is conserved (reattached to lath) by special adhesives and then holding in place (July)

Ceiling scraping

Plaster scraping
Bridget scraping ceiling in preparation for calcimine application
Reattachment is followed by scraping, then hole filling and coatings.

Plastering lath

Washing hallway ceiling
Mike plastering lath around window. Maggie washing hallway ceiling

Lunch break

Reattaching plaster
Maddie, Bridget, and Maggie on lunch break Maggie and Molly reattaching plaster to old lath

Last coat of plaster

Paint and plaster analysis
Mike putting last coat of plaster around muster room window
Dyan, Mike, and John Vaughn - more paint and plaster analysis was done to help with the correct type and color of finishes
Molly's blog on paint and plaster.

Floor board delivery

West Ell sub-floor
Peter Kimball and Randy Burns of Richmond Clapboards delivered the West ell floor boards (Aug 13) West ell ready for laying down of original sub-floor, new wide flooring, and then plaster conservation (Aug).


West Ell plaster repair
"Dutchmen" patches on Muster room summer beam (Sep) West ell plaster stabilization (Oct 2011)

Muster room posters

Parlor posters
Muster room posters - The Supplies, The British Reports and Orders, and the Chain(s) of Command (Sep 2011) Parlor posters and plaster restoration in progress (during open house in Sep 2011)

Explore Fireplace

Trees through window
Exploring the kitchen fireplace (Sep 2011) Trees outside house window (Oct 2011)

Muster Room fireplace

West chamber fireplace
Rick and Richard pulling up floor over hearth area to prep Muster Room fireplace for repairs (Nov 2011) Parlor chamber fireplace after being repaired - hearth reset and cleaned (Nov 2011)

West Ell room

West Ell back room
West Ell room with plaster conserved and parts of the kitchen walls and doors being stored (Nov 2011) West Ell rear room still needing sub-floor structure needing upgrade (Nov 2011)

Back Yard

Richard Irons
The back yard from the rear of the house (Nov 2011)

Mike cleaning walls
Richard Irons, fireplace mason, relaxing on the demonstration timber framing log (Nov 2011)

P Barrett Board
Mike cleaning the walls in the bedroom next to the kitchen (Nov 2011) "P Barrett" is cut into a board that was part of the roof sheathing.

Muster Chamber

Faux cedar knot
East chamber with woodwork, plaster walls, and floor conserved (Nov 2011) Faux cedar knot on woodwork in the East chamber (Nov 2011).  This used to be covered by flaking lead paint.

Muster Room fireplace bake oven

Under Muster Room fireplace
Muster Room fireplace bake oven was further opened up now showing a shelf and slot for door (Nov 2011) Under the Muster Room fireplace, in the basement (Nov 2011)

Muster Room fireplace

Santa Richard Irons
Muster Room fireplace with relaid hearth (Dec 2011) Santa Richard Irons, our mason, arrives.  Still a bit more to go.


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