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 2010 - Exterior, Paint Restoration, East Entrance

Rick and Joe working the second floor lean-to framing (Jan) John Vaughan examining muster room paint layers, a first step in the paint analysis study.  (Jan)

Joe and Rick re-installing the original floor boards.  The floor support structure can now support you. Floor installed.  Note hole for original chimney.  Structure to be added to make floor safe 

Conservators use test squares to define proper cleaning techniques for beam cleaning in the kitchen. Specialty lumber delivered for attic floor support and floor boards on the north (rear) side of the house.  The south side still has its original boards..

Lead paint stripping has started on the second floor ceiling and beams.  This is done under both environmental and historical supervision.  (Jan) Attic floor partially installed (Jan)

NPS Superintendent, Conservationist, and Historic Architect review approach and progress with SOH, paint analysts, and paint strippers (Feb) Test section stripping reveals numerous layers from bare wood, original red and blue layers through various lead based grays and whites. (Jan)

A set of window frames ready for installation (Feb) Outer layer of lead paint stripped.  Paint samples and small sections are preserved per National Park Service recommendations.  (Mar)

Preparing foundation for "Beverly Ell" addition.  Note cobblestone "pavement" in front of door.  (Mar) Brick "nogging" inside wall (behind exterior sheathing)

Sills ready for more window frame assemblies Paul with custom tooling for windows (April)

Reviewing stock selection for sashes (Jesse and Paul). Jointing rough stock for sashes

Justin working the kitchen ceiling structures. East side section removed for Beverly Ell restoration.

Kate (James - Persis - Samuel - Samuel - Silas - George - Hattiebelle - Elizabeth - Peter) with original Barrett door found at the Medford Historical Society Door handle and front paneling of the original door.

East entry foundation and sill. West ell bulls eye glass

National Park Service archaeologists sort through the East entry artifacts ... ... and place them in special racks for safekeeping

The DAR plaque, initially placed on the house on April 19, 1961, is removed for refurbishment and to make way for the replacement clapboards (June 4) Kate and Selena Evans (DAR Old Concord Chapter) with the DAR plaque.

While opening the wall for window installation, more rot is discovered and needs repair. Front wall sheathing is removed for inspection, repair, and window stud installation.  East entry frame being assembled in the foreground.

Repair to beam, above window, connected to muster room summer beam. Raising the Beverly Ell frame (2010 June 17).

The frame connects into the sill. Tom Dyer and Nancy Nelson of the National Park Service with crew member Kate (Barrett descendant)

The frame raising crew (Justin McCarthy, Brian Payne, Joe Roy, Matt Ford, and Kate Martin) Pegs being trimmed that hold the beams in place.

Front side clapboards are complete (Aug 15) East side clapboards almost done (Aug 15)

East ell with sheathing and window frame (Sep 25) Working on the North wall clapboards (Oct 30)

Lead paint stripping in Muster Room (Oct) Repair and "sistering" of joists under first floor (Oct)

A Boy Scout Eagle project helped with archaeology and basement cleanout (Nov) The troop:
 Altan, Zack, Jack, Tyler, Hunter, Aiden, and John

Happy Holidays !!  Window sash arrived today and we got some of them installed !!  Dec 22, 2010.

Paul Evans (Schnepel Woodworking) with his window work.  He delivered more window sash.  Dec 30. Justin working on base for rear door cap.

The house after the blizzard.  Dec 28. Jake cutting clapboards for rear wall.  Dec 30.

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