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2009 - Posts, Roof, Ceiling, Cleanup, and Doors

Early 2009 has work progressing on the SouthWest post, sills, and more roof work in March.  Foundation masonry and cleanup in April.  Doors in May.

SW Corner Post Repair, Feb 2009 with Rick Detwiller, Historic Architect SE Sill Repair, Feb 2009

SW Corner Post Repair, Feb 2009

Neil (SOH President), Jim Henderson (volunteer), and Anna (SOH Executive Director) Jim Henderson (volunteer) removing very thick,  invasive multi-floral rose from property

Jake Pedro, coppersmith, pointing out shingle details just above the copper gutter just installed North side gutter held up by bracket forged by Hammersmith Studios in Concord

Marc Green, general contractor, supervising roof and gutter installation on north side.  April 09 Rick Detwiller, architect, removing 20th century ceiling covering original, hand planed wood ceiling.

Mike Sentance (volunteer) scrubbing the parlor paneling. April 09 Parlor with floor washed, getting ready for the Patriot's Day weekend open houses.  April 09

The North Bennet Street School crew at the kitchen door being installed.  May 09.

Student and Robert Adam (NBSS) planing kitchen door edge.  May 09 Students working on West Ell door.  May 09

New front door.  May 09 New West ell door.  May 09

Kitchen door.  May 09 Flowering bush on East side.  May 09

Front of the house showing both the West Ell door and the main front door.  May 09 The West ell bullet-eye glass transom.  May 09

Inside of front door.  May 09 West Ell rear door.  May 09

Kitchen floor structure being reset.  July 09 Planning masonry work under kitchen floor.

Window frame sample with cross section and muntin.  Oct 09 NW Basement.  Volunteers Rick, Mike, and scouts cleaned up under the West Ell.  Oct 09

Kitchen staircase being reinstalled.  Oct 09 SW Basement.  Local scouts uncovered and cleaned up the cobblestones for storage barrels.

Wood for window molded frames finally ready for fabrication.  Note high quality, fine grain needed for longevity and to meet restoration requirements.  Dec 09.

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