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2008 - Sills, Masonry, and Roof Structure

With the emergency structural repairs completed by the timber framers, SOH went out to bid for a general contractor to do the remaining exterior work (roof, sills, masonry, clapboards, doors, and windows).  The sills, masonry, and roof structure were mostly done in 2008.

Rear of second floor showing repaired and replaced beams, plates, and sheathing.  Nov 2008

Joe and Chad replacing roof purlin.

Rear (North) restored wall.  Shows new sheathing.  Windows and doors to be installed in 2009.  June.

Chimney flues shown during chimney repair Looking down a chimney flue.

SW corner before repairs, some sills showing Looking through front door to staircase

SW front view showing sills and wall exposed West sill and post damage.

Paul (windows), Rick (arch), and Jeff (GC) in 1st floor parlor, June 2008 Neil (SOH), Paul, Rick, and Jeff discussing front window restoration, June 2008

The Muster Room, June 2008 Rear Kitchen with original paneling, June 2008

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